P.Y. Boulerice


Toronto, ON
mail p.y.boulerice@gmail.com
web pyboulerice.com


Jr. Developer

Sago Mini | May. 2019 - Present

Description coming soon.

Research Assistant

Sheridan College | Jan - Apr. 2019

Sheridan College project in partnership with Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. Building an interface for machine learning algorithms.

Game Design Intern

Sago Mini | May - Aug. 2018

Playing a key role in the production and release process of Sago Mini Apps. Responsible for the code implementation of activity mockups and assets - Engaged in QA testing, playtesting, and solving design challenges in order to ensure the delivery of high-quality Sago Mini digital products.

* Roadtrip Content Update
* Sago Mini Super Juice (Published)

Game Developer

Sheridan College | Jan. - May 2018

Sheridan College capstone project in partnership with York Regional Police and sponsored by HP. Using Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality technology to create a local massively multiplayer community outreach experience for Police officers in classrooms.

Responsible for bringing the project from its conceptual stage into a playable experience. Showcased at EGLX, LevelUp, and Digifest.

* Placed First in the Student Showcase at Digifest 2018

Pre Production Intern

Sago Mini | Jul. - Aug. 2017

Exploring and prototyping early concept ideas and their potential for later production - Overcame design challenges using creative problem-solving processes and target market playtesting.

* Led to the release of Sago Mini Apartment

Google Brand Ambassador

Google Retail Program - Premium Retail Services | Nov. 2016 - Feb. 2018

Engaging with retail customers and providing them with greater insight on Google products, services and brand; resulting in positive in-store experiences as well as greater exposure to all that Google has to offer.

* Led the best performing Google Shop of the 2017 Holiday Season in Canada

Education and Certification

Honours Bachelor of Game Design

Sheridan College | 2015 - 2019

Conceptualizing and applying Game Design theories and processes - Challenging design thinking perspectives and lenses - Agile Development and Prototyping

Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving

Sheridan College | 2019

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Cource on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE)
Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans

Panel on Research Ethics | 2019



Level Up Showcase Awards
Project: Expedited

2nd Place for Best Overall Game | 2019

A mobile game about packages.

View Game
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Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Project: Toppled

Semifinalist | 2018

Casual Arcade Adventure Game. Don't topple! Navigate through worlds and overcome obstacles without falling over to continue your adventure.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Project: Bit Heroes Connect

Semifinalist | 2018

Bit Heroes Connect is a project made in partnership with York Regional Police and HP. Using Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Bit Heroes Connect creates a captivating massive local multiplayer experience for 8-12 year old children in elementary and secondary schools.

Likes & Interests